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OverJoyed, Accessible Game Controller.

OverJoyed is a mouse to input simulator for people who want to play games using mouse only!

Now includes support for playing your Xbox and PlayStation console games via PC Remote Play!


  • Added ability to create, save, load, rename, and delete configuration profiles

  • Added Xbox / PS Remote Play support

  • Added variable joysticks and triggers to Xbox mode

  • Added "Hold Until Click is Released" action option

  • Simplified UI, instructions, and overall branding

  • Added support for high DPI displays and screen scaling

  • Added quadrant-specific Return to Center

  • Turned deadzone into 3 remappable buttons

  • Added experimental Music Mode

  • Added graphical user interface for button configuration

  • Added easy to follow instructions with feedback button

  • Added Toggle and Disable checkboxes

  • Added multiple Deadzone actions

  • Added ability to activate by clicking in dead zone

  • Added ability to disable diagonal quadrants

  • Added Close and Settings button

  • Added text box that displays what buttons are pressed



OverJoyed is a software that allows people to convert their mouse into keyboard inputs. Its design affords it to be used for gaming, however, it can be used for any purpose. This software is currently still in development but due to time constraints, we have chosen to release our alpha to collect user feedback until we can develop further.

If you need to contact us please fill out our contact form and we'll respond to your query as soon as we can:

See It In Action: Twitch - Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3Clip 4Clip 5 | YouTube Playlist


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