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Our friend Anthony lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a rare disease that weakens his muscles over time. He has loved playing video games his entire life and is a huge fan of Mario, Pikmin, Halo, Jak & Daxter, Forza, and many other puzzle platformers and sci-fi action-adventure games! But as his muscles weakened, he lost the ability to use motion controls, then could only press a few buttons and relied on remapping, and finally lost the ability to use a physical controller at all. Anthony has experienced a wide breadth of barriers and inaccessibility throughout his 29 years so far – you can listen to an interview with him on GameXplain by visiting

Introducing the #NoControllerChallenge for Stardew Valley! Anthony DeVergillo created this challenge to help raise awareness for increased accessibility in video games. He tried to make this challenge simulate his accessibility journey – from his triumphs in adapting and playing independently to his frustrations at unbreakable inaccessibility barriers and frequently needing to ask for assistance. So how does it work? Read on to find out!

Step 1

[This step represents Anthony purchasing a
new game without knowing if it is accessible.]

Challenge your favorite streamer to play Stardew Valley on social media OR accept the challenge yourself! Use some of the sample posts below as a starting point.


Example Challenge Post: I challenge you to the #NoControllerChallenge for accessibility awareness! Start a timer - play Stardew Valley using only your mouse and accessibility tools. If you use your controller or keyboard, pause your timer for 5 minutes. Learn more at


Example Acceptance Post: I will attempt the #NoControllerChallenge for accessibility awareness on April 18 at! I will start a timer and play Stardew Valley using only my mouse and accessibility tools. If I use my controller or keyboard, my timer will pause for 5 minutes. If I reach certain time milestones, you will unlock exciting independence incentives!

Step 2
[This step represents Anthony trying out
new tools to make games more accessible.]

You (or the streamer who accepted the challenge) choose your Accessibility Loadout.

Try Using:

Avoid Using:

  • Physical Keyboards

  • Physical Controllers (Xbox, Playstation, Switch)


Step 3

[This step represents the pure joy Anthony feels when

he can play even part of a game independently.]

Think of some fun Independence Incentives chat earns when the timer reaches certain milestones.


  • 2 hr: Bonus Stream Tomorrow

  • 1 hr: Cosplay as Samus

  • 45 min: Play Elden Ring Next Stream

  • 30 min: Donate to Able Gamers

  • 15 min: Sticker Giveaway

Step 4
[This step represents the frustration Anthony
feels when he cannot progress in a game.]

Start your stream by explaining the #NoControllerChallenge and sharing Anthony’s story. Start your timer when the game begins and play the game using only your accessibility tools. Pause your timer when you get stuck in the game and think outside the box of how you can adapt and develop a workaround. Unpause once you are able to continue the game. If you accidentally use your physical keyboard, pause the timer for 5 minutes.


Step 5

[This step represents the pure joy Anthony feels when

he can play even part of a game independently.]

Challenge another streamer and share your experience with your community – the highs and lows of your accessibility journey! Send us your clips, recordings, highlights, and screenshots and you will be added to our list of Accessibility Warriors. Remember, keep spreading awareness about accessibility! Thank you!


This final step represents the pure sense of achievement Anthony feels when he completes a game after the many frustrations, difficulties, barriers, adaptations, joys, and determination he experienced. He doesn’t just move to the next game though – he shares the issues he had & gives helpful feedback to developers.

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